Individuality with Personalised T-Shirts

Modern technological advances have benefited the t-shirt industry, far beyond what we could have been imagined. In the past the only outlet for having a new t-shirt was to browse through the nearest clothing store. This limited individuality and prevented personal t-shirt styles as most t-shirts were duplicates of the others that were hanging on […]

The Importance of T-shirt Fashion Design

It must be said that up until just recently, the fashion industry was oblivious to the importance of a solid t-shirt design. Good T-shirt designs were only found on big clothing brands, though very conservatively. The rest were just funny sayings that gave everyone a laugh and cheesy slogans that contained nothing more than clip art and […]

Mens Statue Sticker T-Shirt

‘The birds of the same feather flock together’, If your cool personality stands out ~ You’ll attract more coolest pals in town. Why not show your coolness in a shirt? With qualities of 180 GSM 100% Combed Cotton and shoulder to shoulder tape; along with features of pre-shrunk fabric to minimize shrinkage. It also has […]

Fashion T-Shirts For A Good Cause

Our featured Australian fashion designer extraordinary Alex Hocking from  78PLATINUM tees has teamed up with a US fashion blogging duo T-TALK to bring you a wildlife fashion tee for a  great cause. The team will be donating 100% of the profits from this wildlife tees to the International Fund for Animal Welfare (IFAW), a global hands-on organization, […]