Rigs and Hans

The mixture of passionate art and urban graphics in fashion is what Rigs & Hans boutique is made of. The shop is founded in 2011 by joining iMac, a 6 pack and an optimistic point of view for a modernized creation of graphic tees for men and women.

The creative Rigs and Hans designs were executed from combining the dreamy colours of nature, architecture and graphic shapes, you’ll probably see the wonders of fascinating imagery. The designs were innovative and freshly pick for each individual. This also ensures to add some small runs for each design that added to its individuality.

Their brand is 100% produced provided, designed and printed in Australia under the Southern Cross, and are happy to boast it out loud. Overseas market may be a good spot, but that’s not we really prioritise.

It’s about originality, individuality, uniqueness and personality.

No rules nor boundaries and no one can stop the flow of rich ideas, so expect the more unique sets and techniques for your t-shirts. A fresh and brand new designs and don’t’ mind causing a twist.