CrankDNA is geared with a simple dream – to be the name behind the best providers of high quality artworks and designs for cycling enthusiast t-shirts and clothing range.

Simon Jones is the brainchild for CrankDNA brand – a cycling enthusiast himself; he has been part of the cyclist’s circle for over 20 years. This is the reason why most of Simon’s artwork reflects his passion for cycling and bicycles – since CrankDNA has admitted it.

Going back to 2010, the unsuccessful cycling t-shirt and clothing hunting with both quality and great value that he wanted for a birthday present to a friend leads him to create his own brand. This was carefully executed with the help of local skilled designers and his designs were visualized.

Finding a short fall of cycling T-shirts that met their requirements, crankDNA created their own brand of cycling clothing that:

  • Uses high quality T-shirt garments by SPORTAGE.
  • Are priced to reflect value for money.
  • Don`t take themselves too seriously and are designed to be fun.
  • Are priced to allow everyone to wear them.
  • Feature original and custom made designs found only at
  • Are PRINTED locally by local businesses.
  • Are handled and shipped within Australia – quick production and delivery are guaranteed!

Whatever field and cycling genres it would be, crankDNA look forward to provide you the high quality and fresh source of cycling T-shirt and clothing services that expresses your own velo passion you deserved.