Best T-Shirt Quotes – 100 Quotes You Can Print On A T-Shirt Today!

What’s better than a good quote? A good quote on a t-shirt!

Here are 100 quotes you can print on a t-shirt today. You will find something for everyone from love to life advice, and even some quotes to help motivate your day.

This is the perfect post for anyone who loves clothes or people who have been looking for the perfect gift. It’s not too late to order them in time for Christmas! Happy Holidays!

Best 100 quotes to print on a t-shirt

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  1. EMERGENCY ALERT: If the person wearing this shirt is found depressed, listless or vacant, GIVE THEM CHOCOLATE IMMEDIATELY
  2. If life is the soup then I’m the fork
  3. I’d really like to stay and talk but I would be lying
  4. Exercise? I heard extra fries
  5. Think like protons, they’re always positive
  6. This is a disguise. I’m not a responsible adult
  7. You look you’re best when you’re naked
  8. Intelligent and witty trumps fake and pretty all the time
  9. Who said I’m single, I’ve got a dog
  10. We’re not violent because of the video game, we’re violent because of the lag
  11. What’s the opposite of wrinkly? Irony
  12. With a great beard comes great responsibility
  13. You should really reconsider if you want or need anything from me
  14. You can always beat your problems, unless the problem is Mike Tyson
  15. It’s something that can be explained to you but will you understand
  16. Don’t read further than the dots… You rebel, I like you
  17. Depressed, stressed…but well dressed
  18. Who do bad things always happen to good folks? Because it’s funnier
  19. You can’t know what you know until you know what you know
  20. I wish you could unmeet some people. Oh well, I guess we’ll have to settle with killing them
  21. Where my cat is is where home is
  22. I think my wife says something like I’m never listening to her. I’m not sure because I wasn’t listening
  23. Don’t wake me up until I’m famous
  24. I’m not a fan of morning people, or people or mornings
  25. When in doubt, go for a vacation
  26. Multilingual I speak; Movie quotes, song lyrics, sarcasm and whale
  27. Don’t wake me up until I’m famous
  28. Lawyers feel too, allegedly
  29. Jesus loves you. (It’s everybody else who thinks you suck)
  30. You don’t like all the things I say? Imagine if I said all the things I hold back…
  31. Lazy is a really strong word. I’d rather call it selective participation
  32. Sure we can, just wait until I’ve drunk my cup of Joe first
  33. The haters will always hate. The ain’ters are always gonna ain’t
  34. Going shopping is way cheaper than seeing a shrink.
  35. Does this what awesome feels and looks like?
  36. Keep smiling and go away
  37. My superpower is that I can make wine disappear. What’s yours?
  38. If it’s true things get a lot better with age, then I’m destined for magnificent
  39. Be your own version of beautifully made
  40. Cute but crazy
  41. Who needs hair when you’ve got a body that looks like this?
  42. I could’ve but I can’t. I just don’t want to
  43. I’m not crazy. I got tested by my parents
  44. Come over to the mathematics side, we’ve got pi
  45. If you hear me saying “first of all” get the hell out of there because I’ve prepared research, charts, data and I’m ready to destroy you.
  46. This is a stupidity free zone
  47. Just be very careful with me. I’m irresistibly and attractively huggable.
  48. Stay clear from the chocolate and nobody will get hurt
  49. If you keep staring at me you’re going to trip and fall over
  50. Fat people are really hard to abduct

Pheww.. thats the first fifty quotes.. Want more…???

By the way, if you want to print any of these quotes on a t-shirt you are welcome to. Use the link below to create your own shirt with a favourite quote print on it.

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More Quote T-shirt ideas to choose from

  1. Stop looking at me because I’m not smiling with you, I’m just thinking about how awesome I am
  2. Yes, I’m married. However, it’s nothing serious
  3. I know it
  4. Everyone has a little weirdo inside of them
  5. What do marriages and mechanics have in common? A good screw will fix everything
  6. I would lose all this weight, it’s just that I’m not really a fan of losing weight
  7. If you’re reading this, you’re ugly
  8. Please do not feed the monkey!
  9. Where there’s a will… there’s about 500 relatives
  10. Do I look fat in this t-shirt?
  11. Not all men out there are fools, some of them stay single
  12. Sorry ladies, I only date supermodels!
  13. Why do I need to get married? I already get everything without the strings attached
  14. When God created this beautiful being you’re looking at, he was trying to show off to Zeus
  15. Want to hear a secret? Go ask your small sister about it
  16. If you’re not entertaining me then you’re wasting my time
  17. Do not read this!
  18. If you are reading this right now, then you’re blocking me because you’re in my way
  19. Okay, it isn’t that you’re weird… It’s just everybody else who’s normal
  20. I’m into cute zombies
  21. WARNING ALERT: You’re my next victim
  22. Yes, the world owes me for my awesomeness
  23. Warning: You’ll probably end up falling in love with me
  24. The shirt I’m wearing isn’t see-through. The one I have on underneath is
  25. They say I should try to be more spontaneous. I think I’m going to plan that out first
  26. I’m out of my mind right now… I’ll be back in ten
  27. Haters both rate and hate you because they can never be you
  28. Just because you’ve got no swag…doesn’t mean mine is the one you can copy
  29. People usually look up after they read this
  30. If you continue reading this you might just be my next victim
  31. If you’re thinking what I think you’re thinking about, then you’re right
  32. Your search is over. All that awesomeness you’ve been looking for is standing right in front of you.
  33. Unless provoked, mind your own beeswax
  34. This isn’t your plain white tee
  35. I may look incredibly calm…. However, in my head right now, I’ve just murdered you three times
  36. Who said I’m spoilt? I deserve all of the stuff I have
  37. It’s not that I’m bossy, it’s just that I know more
  38. This type of quality can never go out of style
  39. WARNING ALERT: You’re my next victim
  40. I’ll talk about you behind your back… It’s called manners
  41. The money making school is where I got my diploma
  42. Don’t read books, read t-shirts
  43. Be careful! I know KARATE! (As well as a couple other Chinese words)
  44. Normal is really Boring!!!
  45. If having good looks is a sin, I’m really sorry
  46. Sorry, you’ll have to speak a little louder. The sound of how awesome I am is just too loud
  47. If you’re reading the message on this t-shirt, you’re a pervert
  48. You better read your books instead of reading this t-shirt
  49. I never finish anythi…
  50. You look exactly like my future ex-girlfriend

Another Bonus T-Shirt Quote

  1. I’m kind of just like you… Only smarter looking and better
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Wrapping Up

What better way to show off your favourite quotes than by wearing them on a shirt?

With your own special Quote on a T-Shirt you will enjoy this experience when some one says “love your short man..”.

You can now wear 100 of the most popular sayings and one liners right next to your heart. Whether it is an inspirational quote or just something funny that made you laugh out loud, there are so many different options for all types of people!

You don’t have to settle any-more with only being able to express yourself through words – get on today!

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